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EXCLUSIVE! The ENTIRE Game of Thrones cast will be in Belfast today can exclusively reveal that the entire Game of Thrones cast are in Belfast today.

*Drives North!*

An insider revealed to that the whole cast, including former prominent characters who have been killed off, will reunite in Belfast today.

They are gathering to record for Conan O’Brien’s show, Conan.

Conan was spotted in Pizza Punks in Belfast yesterday and will shoot with the entire cast of the hit show today.

Jason Mamoa got in trouble for posting photos of himself in Dublin ahead of the gathering. He captioned a photo in the capital, “Layovers. Where we going ? What are we doing ? What’s the score here.? What’s next?? Aloha.” And we can confirm Dublin was a layover on the way to Belfast.

Our insider said he posted about being in Dublin with the showrunners, David Benioff and D.B Weiss, to throw people off the scent of the Belfast.

Management were not happy with his public arrival in Ireland but Khal Drogo didn’t seem to care as he continued to post about his love for Guinness captioning another post smiling on top of kegs of the black stuff, “@homeofguinness HEAVEN. Big dumb animal in a candy shop. Aloha.”


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