EXCLUSIVE! Cassie Stokes teases that she might get MARRIED over Pride weekend

You never know what might happen!


Cassie Stokes has hinted that she might get married over Pride weekend.

This weekend, the Xpos̩ host will celebrate Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride with her long-term girlfriend Kathleen Gauvin Рand Cassie has teased that anything could happen.

The couple are seriously loved-up, and Cassie’s followers have long been wondering when she or Kathleen will finally pop the question.


Speaking to Goss.ie, Cassie confessed, “I will continue to tease a proposal, because I just think it’s hilarious! All my friends are getting engaged or married at the moment, so I think if anything we’ll just be waiting until no one is doing it.”

“Unless Kathleen has other plans?! But, Kathleen if you’re watching this – don’t even think about it!”

The presenter continued, “But you never know, Pride is this weekend, and I am wearing essentially what a lesbian would wear to a wedding – a pantsuit!

“So I could keep this for Saturday and we could… yeah! You never know, like Pride brings out a lot of crazy things in you, things you don’t want to do, you could end up getting married, but hopefully not!”

The blonde beauty also discussed her plans for Pride, and added, “Whether you’re gay or straight, just go and enjoy it, support, have fun!”

Watch more of Cassie’s interview below: