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EXCLUSIVE: Brian Dowling and Glenda Gilson open up about their friendship

Brian Dowling and Glenda Gilson have opened up about their friendship.

The pair competed together on Dancing With The Stars until Glenda suddenly departed the RTE show last week.

They join celebrities such as Nicky Byrne, Christine McGuinness and Holly Carpenter on the Gossies pink carpet ahead of the awards show.

Speaking exclusively to, the pair revealed how their friendship blossomed on the RTE show despite rumours that contestants on the programme don’t get on with one another.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

“I call it the Big Brother syndrome,” Brian revealed.

“It’s exactly where you bond with people and I feel like I know you for 20 years, and I’ve only properly known you since November.”

Glenda added: “You see you’re going through the same stuff. So if you have a bad day, and they have a good day, and the next day they could go through it. So you’re feeling each others pain.”

“The professionals don’t get it,” Brian said.

“So I’d say to Glenda ‘I feel super vulnerable’ and she’d say ‘I know exactly how you feel.’”

“Sure many time on the couch in the we’ve cried before make-up… it was about life, me seeing my nephew or her missing her child or her husband, or my husband.”

“And you go actually… when you walk away going ‘I’ve got a new friend’ that’s what it’s all about”

Glenda spoke about competitiveness between previous contestants.

“We did hear in previous years people were kind of competing against each other and of course you’re competing against each other but they… didn’t want to befriend people.”

Glenda revealed that Brian’s professional dancer Laura Nolan helped her with her performances.

“She helped me a lot – girl to girl.”

When asked if she wished she did anything different during her weeks on the show, Glenda gave a resounding “no”.

“I gave it everything I had.”


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