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EXCLUSIVE! Angela Scanlon on Katie Hopkins 'I thought she was a vile cow'


Since meeting the controversial Katie Hopkins, Angela Scanlon has revealed she isn’t as bad as everyone thinks.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie, the flame-haired beauty opens up about meeting the columnist in her series Close Encounters.

“It’s me, meeting people who that either interest, annoy or intrigue me, well there’s only one who annoyed me because I feel like i’d need to qualify that,” she said.

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“This is the thing with Katie, I just always thought…what a vile cow and why is she saying things, what is this so I always questioned it.”

The Meath native hoped that Katie wouldn’t live up to her controversial status when she met her for the RTE2 series.

“Then I thought on a human level there is no way someone is like that actually in real life like that.

“I don’t believe that and maybe that’s very naive of me to think that that doesn’t exist,” she admitted.


Encounters: Angela gets up-close and personal with Katie

The Voice UK presenter admitted she “was intrigued to see if that was the case” but she was pleasantly surprised by her manners.

“She knows what she’s doing, she knows what to say, she has a show on UK television and we watched as she was there with the crew,

“Filming under a lot of pressure and to see that they all liked her and these are people that spend time with her on a daily basis,” she revealed.

The Irish beauty revealed that Katie was “very polite and quite warm in ways so there’s a complete contradiction” to her TV persona.

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Before the series Angela admitted she had a strong opinion of the former apprentice star but has slightly warmed up to her since filming.

“I thought I would want to actually take her down, and I did, that was my plan, but she surprised me,

“I wouldn’t say i’m a convert but I feel like I didn’t detest her as much,” she revealed.

Close Encounters will air on RTE2 at 10pm on the 20th of October.