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EXCLUSIVE! Amy Huberman insists her two new RTE shows are completely different

Amy Huberman has insisted that her two new RTE shows are completely different.

The mother-of-two spoke to Goss.ie at the screening of Can’t Cope Won’t Cope’s first two episodes about playing the hilarious Kate in the dark comedy to starring as the serious solicitor Tara in Striking Out.

“[It’s] not difficult, actually in a way lovely,” she said.

Can't Cope Won't Cope Odeon

Can’t Cope: Amy admitted that moving from one job to the other is lovely | VIPIRELAND.COM

The Dubliner admitted that she doesn’t want to be playing the same type of characters and enjoys new roles.

“The thing you don’t want to be doing is feeling like you’re doing the same thing all the time and trying to make it different because you feel like you are playing the same thing,” she explained.

“That’s lovely to be able to feel like you’re slipping into very different shoes.

“They’re very different shows. I’m just so happy to be involved in both.”

Can't Cope Won't Cope Odeon

Won’t Cope: The Dubliner plays boss woman Kate in her new RTE comedy | VIPIRELAND.COM

The actress also revealed that when she finishes a role that she has to let it go to work on the next job.

“Once I finish on a job, I’m done on it. You give everything do it when you’re there doing it.

“I rarely think about them after I’ve done it which is great,” she added.

“Sometimes when you go back and look at them, you think ‘Oh that was what that was.’

“You have to let it go a little bit and concentrate on it while you’re there.

Watch the full interview below.

Can’t Cope Won’t Cope airs Monday the 19th of September at 10pm on RTE2.

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