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EXCLUSIVE! Aimée opens up about dealing with online trolls, and the loss of her beloved mum

The Irish singer also opened up about promoting body confidence in her latest music video


Aimée Fitzpatick has opened up about her mission to promote body confidence, her experiences with trolling, and how she remains positive despite life’s challenges.

The Irish singer spoke exclusively with Goss.ie, and revealed how she’s been targeted by trolls on social media.

“I have had a lot of trolling,” she confessed. “I’ve been doing YouTube videos since I was 15/16 so I’m very used to it.”

“It’s very rare that a comment would actually hurt me or affect me – it’s only normally if people talk about something personal like my family.”


“With every one bad apple, I have like 50,000 great apples,” she added, “I have so much support online that I would be silly to give into the negativity. I’m very very lucky to have such a massive support system there.”

It’s been a tough few years for Aimée, after tragically losing her mother Tina in 2018.

As she approaches Tina’s birthday, Aimée revealed it was her younger sister Croia who gave her the strength to deal with the tragic loss.

“She is 17 years old and is literally one of the strongest people I’ve ever met,” she said. “It’s my mam’s birthday in two weeks, and Croia was 15 when she lost her. I just remember thinking to myself – ‘Oh my god, I would’ve just went off the walls’.”


“I have to keep reminding myself that I’m so lucky that I did have her until I was 23, because she was just everything,” she continued.

“She was like the left side of my body she really was, but at least I had her to shape me into a woman and to get me through the awful teenage years.”

“So I just think to myself: If Croia can get through losing her mam at 15, I’m pretty sure I can get through anything.”

Aimée admitted she feels ‘so lucky’ to have had her mother Tina in her life | Instagram

Aimée also spoke about the inspiration behind her latest track Naked, where she gathered friends, family and fans to feature in the powerful music video.

“I knew people wouldn’t really get exactly what the song was about without seeing the video,” she admitted, “I like to release music that makes people think.”

“The video brought the song to a new light and showed exactly what the song is about.”

“It’s just about being naked from the inside out, being vulnerable, and loving yourself for exactly who you are right now – stop trying to aim for perfection,” Aimée explained.

Aimée’s older sister Nikki Whelan features in the video, which was released just one day before she gave birth to her son Sonny.

She said: “When I asked her [to be in the video] she was like, ‘Do you not want to wait until after I had the baby?’ and I was like ‘No, you’re a woman and it’s incredible that we can have babies in our tummy!'”

“It was so special having other people in the video because for once, it’s not just me telling my story – it’s other people telling their’s as well.”

“I was just trying to make sure it was as inclusive as possible in every way – in ages, in races, in skin types, in body shapes.”


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