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Erin McGregor reveals how becoming a mother aged 19 gave her ‘purpose’

"I never dreamed I'd perform on stage."


Erin McGregor has opened up about her love for her family, and revealed that having her daughter at the age of 19 gave her life a sense of “purpose.”

Erin, sister to MMA icon Conor McGregor, explained that she originally trained to become a hairdresser, and having her daughter didn’t stop her thanks to the support of her family.

“I was nearly born a hairdresser. I used to cut my dolls’ hair, my Barbies’ hair, I was always doing everyone’s hair,” she told The Irish Independent.

Erin McGregor at the Julian Benson CF Foundation 2019 Winter Wonderland Ball
Pic: Brian McEvoy

The star took up a hairdressing apprenticeship at just 16 years old, but two years in became pregnant with her daughter, Taylor.

Taylor, who is now 19, was looked after by Erin’s parents so that she could finish her apprenticeship.

“They looked after Taylor and insisted I finish it,” she said.


“They instilled a brilliant work ethic in all of us. Their attitude is, ‘If you want something, work hard at it’.”

“Hard work and determination, that’s what’s really important.”

“Having Taylor gave me a huge sense of purpose,” she said of her beloved daughter.

“It gave me the drive to finish off the apprenticeship. I didn’t want her to miss out because I was so young having her.”


While Erin may have started off her career in hairdressing, she is currently dazzling on stage as a performer – taking on a huge role in this year’s Olympia Theater Christmas Panto Cinderella: The Story of Cinders and Her Fella.

“I love performing, I love dancing and singing. When I’m practicing, I have Mariah Carey blaring, and after a while, I think I am her,” she told the Indo.

“The panto at the Olympia is like being part of a special family. The building is iconic, it’s magic to be a part of that. The Olympia is extra special to me because the panto people there were the first people who allowed me to be myself and encouraged me.”

“I come from a hairdressing background and never dreamed I’d perform on stage.”