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Eoghan McDermott surprised The Voice wasn’t axed sooner: ‘Change is good’


Eoghan McDermott has revealed that he was surprised that The Voice of Ireland wasn’t axed sooner, as he didn’t think it would be renewed for season five.

The 2FM host worked with host Kathryn Thomas on the show as the backstage presenter, and while Eoghan had fun on the show – he insisted that “change is good”.

“I actually didn’t think it was going to go for season five. When it went to five I thought five was a nice number,” he told the Herald.

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Surprised: Eoghan didn’t think The Voice would even be renewed for season five | BRIAN MCEVOY

The 33-year-old also admitted that he thinks RTÉ One’s channel controller Adrian Lynch, who was appointed back in 2014, wants to put his “own stamp on the channel” – by shaking up the usual schedule and launching an Irish version of Dancing With The Stars.

“The channel controller changed for RTE One, so he let it go for an extra season, but you want to put your own stamp on the channel and bring in new shows.

“I don’t think it was for any particular reason – change is good. I suppose if you look at it from a ratings point of view, it’s nice to flex the creative muscles and give talented people something else to sink their teeth into,” he said.


Axed: Eoghan insists the show left on a ratings high

Eoghan also warned that dance shows aren’t the easiest to produce, but it’ll be an exciting project for RTÉ.

“Dance shows are such a monster in terms of the budget and the set. Ireland always has to be cost-effective because we’re a small territory, but the people who make it will have a great time.”

While the show has been subject to controversy as it failed to produce a wildly successful winner, Eoghan insisted that she show still received huge ratings up until the end.

“I think it did what it was supposed to do and it went out on a high. It didn’t fade away, ratings wise,” he added.