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Elaine Crowley reveals chat show fears: ‘I’m flattered and mortified’

The presenter has landed her own new chat show

Elaine Crowley has revealed her chat show fears and said she is both flattered and mortified.

The TV3 star’s show Midday, which she hosted and produced, was axed and replaced by popular ITV show Loose Women, which airs on their new station be3 from 12.30.

“I was not over the moon. It’s frightening. For god’s sake it’s absolutely terrifying,” she explained when she found out Midday was axed.

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Fears: Elaine admitted she’s both flattered and mortified | VIPIRELAND.COM

Speaking about her new show, Elaine admitted that she realised after a while that they called the show after her to endorse her.

“I thought they just called it Elaine because they didn’t want to call it after another time of the day,” she told the Irish Sun.

“Then after a while you think, ‘God it is an absolutely amazing endorsement of me’, which I’m very flattered about, I am very flattered and very mortified.”

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Chat: The TV3 star thinks the show being called after her is an amazing endorsement of her | VIPIRELAND.COM

The presenter also admitted that the show will be different to Midday because it have her name on it.

“When you’re on Ireland AM it was grand. You’re with a load of different people, there is a team of presenters.

“Even on Midday there were presenters before me and there may have been presenters after me.

“When it’s your name on it, it’s a fe*kin’ different ball game, isn’t it?”

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Headlines: The presents plans to have in-depth conversations with her guests | BRIAN MCEVOY

Elaine also revealed she plans to have some in-depth conversations with her guests and look beyond a headline.

“Every big story on TV and in the papers, there are always people affected at home. And that’s what I want to add with this show.

“You can talk to all these celebrities about it but I want to get the in-depth feeling about what it’s really like,” she added.

Elaine airs every weekday from 3pm on 3.

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