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Elaine Crowley reveals her boyfriend would prefer if she ‘wasn’t on TV’


Elaine Crowley has revealed that her boyfriend would prefer if she “wasn’t on TV”.

The presenter, who is now fronting her own show on TV3, has been in a relationship with a mystery man for almost a year.

However, Elaine has admitted that her new beau would prefer if her life remained out of the limelight as he “hates all that stuff”, which is why you won’t see him on a red carpet anytime soon.

“I have the IFTAs on Saturday. He hates all that stuff, the poor man. Some people love it. He doesn’t get a kick out of it at all, he’d much prefer if I wasn’t on TV,” she told the Herald.

Not keen: Elaine’s beau isn’t a fan of the limelight | VIPIRELAND.COM

“He doesn’t know why I wear makeup or anything. He says, ‘why are you wearing make-up and hair extensions? You’re beautiful without them?’ I’m like, ‘Are you mad?'”

The 39-year-old also opened up about her fears of commitment, as she doesn’t believe in “happily every after”.

“It’s still early days yet, it’s barely been a year. I’m a bit of a commitment phobe, I still think I’m 23 in my head.

“I used to be romantic but I think Mills & Boon books ruined me, all that handsome prince stuff. I don’t think there is any such thing as happily ever after.

“You have to work at everything, especially if you’re going out with me because I’m a nightmare,” she admitted.

Love: Elaine has admitted that she’s a commitment phobe – despite being in a relationship | BRIAN MCEVOY

The brunette beauty has seen a huge amount of success in the past year as she landed her very own eponymous chat show, which she has admittedly been “slagged” for.

“It was a lot of pressure. It’s a bit nerve-wracking and embarrassing. It’s quite a similar show [to Midday], just at a different time.

“Imagine going in and having a cup with your name on it. I was roundly slagged by everyone. ‘Are you going to be like Cher or Madonna?’ Not a hope. But it is lovely, I can’t complain.”

Love and career life aside, the TV star has kept on track with her fitness regime since appearing on RTE’s Celebrity Operation Transformation last year, and she’s just returned from an intense fitness bootcamp in Norfolk, where she lost a stone in a week.

Life changing: Elaine has kept up her fitness since Operation Transformation | RTE

“You’re getting up at 6am and you start exercise at 7am and then finish at 7pm when you have your meal.

“Getting away from the day-to-day stresses of life was good. I lost a stone. I’m sure it’ll be back on again but getting the exercise is so good for your head.

“I’m always going to be a little bit fat. Some people are built for comfort and not for speed and I am one of them. When you’re not exercising, you’re not healthy,” she added.