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Doireann Garrihy reveals exciting personal news: ‘It’s time for a new chapter’

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Doireann Garrihy has revealed she’s moving into her own place, marking a “new chapter” in her life.

The radio presenter is moving out of the house she shares with her sister Ailbhe and her partner Ruairdhi in Dublin – but she’s only moving five minutes down the road.

Taking to Instagram, Doireann shared a photo of herself enjoying a glass of wine, and wrote: “Celebrating tonight… I’m moving out!”

“I’ve had the best years of my life living with @ailbhegarrihy @ruaidhrih and Bob ♥️ I love them so much. But it’s time for a new chapter.”


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“Gotta cop on and start taking the bins out and, you know, let them be a married couple,” she joked.

On her Instagram Story last night, Doireann spoke about moving out, and reassured her followers that she’ll still get to see Ailbhe’s beloved pooch Bobby.

Showing her messy bedroom, Doireann said: “This room looks like a bomb has hit it because I’ve been working on it all day getting organised, because… I’m moving out!”

“I’m moving five minutes away from Ailbhe and Ruairdhi, five minutes away from my parents, in case anyone is worried – I will see Bobby a lot.”

Doireann’s big move comes just months after she revealed that she was ridiculed online for living with her newlywed sister.

Speaking on her podcast, The Laughs of Your Life, she said: “I got a message on Instagram recently, saying, ‘When are you going to move out and let the newlyweds live their lives?’”

Speaking to her sister Ailbhe, Doireann laughed as she said, “So can we just start by clarifying something, aren’t you happy for me to be here?”

Ailbhe replied: “Look, I get the messages also. When we got married people would message me and say, ‘So, now that you’re married, when are you going to get your own place with Ruairdhi?’”

“And can I just say, firstly it’s no-one’s business! And secondly people probably don’t know that we rent this house off our parents, so we have that connection to it.”

“And we’re very lucky that mom and dad are our landlords, so there’s a bit of flexibility there,” she continued.

“Of course, Ruairdhi and I hope to buy a house in the next year or couple of years, but we’re very happy with this living situation. We get on like a house on fire, the three of us and Bobby [her dog].”

“When the time is right we will find our own place, or you might find your own place beforehand. But there is zero stress there and we’re delighted to have you.”

Doireann then concluded their house chat by adding: “And also, we’re in the middle of a housing crisis, like, you know! We see ourselves as very lucky to have this situation.”