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Doireann Garrihy opens up about the abuse she received over THOSE viral WhatsApp voice notes

The radio presenter said it was "hell"


Doireann Garrihy has opened up about the abuse she received over viral WhatsApp voice notes that circulated back in 2018.

Back in October 2018, the social media star was branded a “man stealer” after fake WhatsApp voice notes claimed she stole her former boyfriend Joe Melody from another woman.

Speaking about the incident on Dara Quilty’s podcast, Doireann said it’s definitely one of the worst things that’s ever happened to her.

Recalling that time of her life, Doireann said: “Things had kind of taken off for me and honestly, I just didn’t get negativity, I didn’t get bad messages.. I was so lucky! People were just always really nice to me.”

“And then it was about a year into all the kind of madness of like followers constantly going up, likes, shares, comments – constant positive stuff.”

“And then I was with this guy, and I was actually leaving the Zoo Crew [at the time]. I had decided I was going to leave. I was just overwhelmed with everything that was going on, Podge and Rodge was starting…”

“And so I was leaving the Zoo Crew on the Friday, and I knew they were going to issue a press release about it, so I was like oh it will probably be on the different sites…”

“So I was sitting in my car about to go in and do my last Zoo Crew show and someone wrote to me on Instagram and said, ‘Doireann is this true?’ and it was a link,” she explained.


“So I was like oh that must be the article about the Zoo Crew so I opened it, and it opened up on YouTube and it was a screen recording of WhatsApp voice notes that were about me.”

“There was three of them, and I was like, you know that feeling when your stomach just falls out your arse? Because I didn’t have a clue what it could be about.”

“So I started listening to the voice notes, and it was basically a girl saying that the guy I was with at the time – that I had stolen him from another girl, that they had been borderline engaged, they were about to build a house together, all this stuff!”

Doireann said: “It was just this fabricated shite, the facts were so mad, and there was something about us rolling up to the girls gym… ”

Doireann Garrihy and Joe Melody | Brian McEvoy

“It was just beyond, but it was so fabricated that I actually didn’t worry, because it was so stupid.”

“Fast forward three days later – I had to block the words ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘man stealer’, ‘farmer’, because he was a farmer, ‘justice for Jane’, because that was the girl’s name.”

“I had to block all these things on my Instagram because it was like coming in on my Instagram photos, these comments like ‘you’re a whore’, ‘you’re a slut’, ‘you’re a man stealer’.”

“And I remember sitting at my parent’s kitchen table, and what was so hard about it was that my parents didn’t understand how fast these things grow online,” she explained.

“And so, they were like it’s gonna blow over, and I was like you don’t understand like I’m getting messages by the minute.”

“And whatever about the ones going ‘you’re a whore’, ‘you’re a slut’… the worst messages were, ‘Doireann I really don’t want to believe this, I’ve followed you for years, is it true?’ and that just broke my heart because I didn’t want to respond to people, because if I respond then it looks like I’m guilty.”

“I just was like, silence is the best policy for now, I’m just going to say nothing. I just think no matter what you come out with and say you’re going to look guilty and I wasn’t guilty!”

Doireann said her parents then realised how serious it was after her sister Ailbhe started crying reading the abuse Doireann was getting on Twitter.

“It was the fact that I was suffering the consequences of something I hadn’t done,” she continued.

“It was actually the worst thing ever, and Podge & Rodge was starting that week and this was all I could think about, when I should have been thinking about my first opportunity in TV.”

“It was just hell,” she confessed. “But you know what, it was the best lesson for me, because up to that point I kind of thought well if someone follows me they must like me, but it was the biggest lesson in how untrue that is.”

You can listen to Doireann’s full interview below:

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