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Derry Girls creator confirms a movie is in the works

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee has confirmed that plans have been put in place to take the hit series to the big screen.

The award winning writer revealed that she plans on creating a Derry Girls film after the third season of the show.

“For a while I didn’t know if it would work but now an idea is starting to vaguely form in my head, so after series three I’ll think about that a bit more,” she told The Ray D’Arcy Show.

“I’d like to do it, and I think the girls would like to do it. The cast even, some of them are men and boys.”

“I think that would sort of be the long term plan. We should have been shooting it now but it has been pushed back and we are trying to wait until it is safe.”

“There is a lot of stuff to work out. Our show is quite complicated to film in these circumstances and we want to do it as well as we possibly can. We want it to be brilliant so we’re trying to figure a lot of stuff out at the minute but I think we’ll get there.”

Earlier this year, The Northern Irish writer told Red Carpet News at the Women in Film And TV Awards what viewers can expect from the highly anticipated third season.

“They’re still eejits and they still get into a lot of trouble, but they’re certainly going to grow up a little bit.”

“There’s definitely a very personal journey that they go on, as well as a political one. It’s an exciting time for them because they’re just on the cusp of adulthood.”

“There’s lots of new guest characters, as always. In every episode, we have a new big guest star come in,” she teased.

“That’s really exciting, writing those (roles). That has been good craic, looking forward to shooting all of that,” she finished.


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