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Dermot Bannon shares exciting news for Room To Improve fans

Dermot Bannon has confirmed Room To Improve will return to our screens later this year.

The hit RTÉ renovation series could not go ahead as planned last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is now ready to make its’ comeback.

Speaking to RSVP Magazine, Dermot revealed the new series is in “full swing” and will be back on our screens this autumn.

He said: “All of our jobs are on site at the moment and it is all going really well. We have had good projects coming up because we had all of last year to go out and find the right ones.”

The architect teased that the upcoming season would be “great season”, and that planning permission has already been granted for all the projects.

The new season will adhere to all public health and social distancing guidelines.

Dermot admitted he was grateful to be able to continue working throughout the pandemic.

He said: “I was making TV shows and doing a lot of normal things, so I had a letter to get out of my county and stay in hotels.”

“Wearing masks and filming socially distanced were really difficult because they went against the nature and spirit of what we do.”

“Eating my lunch in the car by myself was different but I know a lot of other parents from school who haven’t left their upstairs bedroom for a year while working for a multinational company.”


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