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Dermot Bannon confesses that he ‘hates’ the limelight

The architect presents a high-successful show Room to Improve


RTÉ star Dermot Bannon has confessed that he hates the limelight.

The Room To Improve presenter said he “dreads” the show airing and wishes the show was less popular.

In an interview with VIP Magazine, Dermot said he loves making the show, but it’s the airing of it he is shy about.

“A lot of people do TV because they love the attention; they love the buzz of it, they love the high adrenaline industry that it is. But for me, it’s 11 months in the office or filming, and then for 1 month of the year it’s me on air, full-on and I dread that month,” he explained.

“I love making the programme; I love doing the designs; I love meeting the people but then suddenly it’s on-air and I’m everywhere! Of course, I know, you can’t have one without the other. But I just wish no one saw it.”

The 47-year-old architect wishes his show wasn’t on a primetime slot, he instead wishes for half the viewers on a Wednesday night.

“I just wish it was on Wednesday night and we’d have half the viewers and it’d be grand; just a regular job!”

Photo by Michael Chester

“Of course when you get good ratings it is euphoric but you try not to ride on that crest because you are only as good as your last job.”

“It is a creative industry being an architect, and you are baring your soul each week. You also have to deliver a good building, a good show and get good ratings in a 9.30 pm slot,” he explained.

“Sometimes I wish I could go and hide under a rock!”

He begins shooting Dermot Bannon’s Incredible Homes in January.