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Daniel O’Donnell reveals he once broke up with wife Majella because she was a divorcee

The singer is a devout Catholic

Daniel and his wife Majella | VIPIRELAND.COM

Daniel O’Donnell has revealed that he once broke up with his wife Majella, because she was a divorcee.

The pair started dating after they met in Tenerife back in 1999, but the singer ended their relationship after just six months because of his religious views.

But Daniel, who is a devout Catholic, eventually realised that his happiness was more important.

Looking back on that time, the country crooner said: “There was a lot to be considered and I stepped away for a bit.”

Picture: G. McDonnell / VIPIRELAND.COM

“It was a bit hard for me to come to terms with it because of my religious faith, but I got over that fairly quickly. I realised it was right for me to be happy.”

Speaking to My Weekly magazine, Daniel also gushed about Majella’s children, Siobhan and Michael, who she shares with her ex-husband.

“The children [Majella’s kids] have been a joy to me. Their father is very much a part of their lives, but there was never any friction there,” he said.

“Now [Majella’s daughter] Siobhan has two children and I love to see them.”

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