Daniel O’Donnell reveals he ‘nearly died’ while filming new series

The singer was filming a new show in the US


Daniel O’Donnell has revealed that he “nearly died” while filming his new RTÉ series, Daniel and Majella’s USA Roadtrip.

Once again, the singer has teamed up with his beloved wife for a new TV show, which will see them travelling across the Midwest of America in an RV.

Speaking to the RTÉ Guide ahead of the show’s premiere, Daniel revealed his near-death experience was captured on camera while he was attempting to water ski.

“I nearly died in the water,” he said. “I thought I was going to pass out.”


“I can swim but when I’m out of my depth in the water I have a wild fear of it, when I don’t know what I’m dealing with. I thought I wasn’t going to manage it.”

Daniel’s wife Majella didn’t have it easy either, as the 58-year-old had to balance on top of a man’s shoulders while water skiing.

“It felt high,” she said. “There was also the problem that I’m not that agile and when I was on his shoulders, I had to wrap my legs around his back to grip on, but I’m very stiff like that as I have a bit of arthritis.”

“I couldn’t believe I got up there to be honest. I would have never done it except for it’s on television so you’re egged on in that respect, and I wouldn’t do it again. But even though the water skiing was scary, I like being challenged,” Majella added.