Daniel O’Donnell reveals concern at oyster farm built near his home


Daniel O’Donnell has revealed that his concern about an oyster farm to be built on the beach in his town.

The singer resides in the Donegal Gaeltacht area where the seafood business has plans to cover 12 hectares of Cruit Island.

“I can’t believe that the people who grant the licenses would come out to where these farms are proposed – I’d be very surprised if they gave it the go ahead,” he said.

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Oyster farm: Daniel has appealed for the seafood business to be moved somewhere else | VIPIRELAND.COM

The 54-year-old admitted that he supports the creation of jobs but has appealed for the location of the farm to be moved as it’s going to be built on a tourist beach.

“I would appeal for these plans to be moved. I’m hoping that an alternative site or sites can be found because this is not the place for oyster farms, two of the most beautiful strands in the country,” he told Highland Radio.

“I’m all for job creation but this is a tourism amenity and an amenity for the local pony club and local people generally.

“I’d never turn my back on job creation – but this would be a terrible eyesore on beautiful white sandy beaches and I would hope somewhere less obtrusive could be found.”