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Daniel and Majella O’Donnell reveal their struggle to conceive: ‘It wasn’t meant to be’

Daniel and Majella O’Donnell have opened up about their struggle to conceive in the early days of their marriage.

The country crooner married Majella back in 2002, but the pair never welcomed a child together – which Majella now thinks was “for the best”.

Majella has two children Siobhan and Michael from her first marriage.

“Well yes, we did try but nothing happened. It wasn’t meant to be. We didn’t try for too long because I was 42 when I married him, we never prevented it but it never happened,” she told RSVP Magazine.

Family: Majella is mother to two children from a previous marriage | VIPIRELAND.COM

However, Majella welcomed her first grandchild Olivia last year – which is like having her own baby.

“Now I realise it was for the best. Imagine if I was at home and a child going to school? Now we have the best of both worlds – Olivia is like having our own baby.”

Meanwhile, Daniel added, “We were 40 when we got married so it wasn’t like we were teenagers. The chances of having children at that age were slim. It is a bit easier to travel when you don’t have kids, of course it is, but it wasn’t as if we didn’t have any children.

“Majella had Siobhan and Michael and I was very lucky to have them in my life. We always had to consider them both because they were part of our lives.”


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