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Daithi O'Se reveals: 'Maura and I share parenting tips with each other all the time'

Daithi O’Se has revealed he and Maura Derrane swap parenting tips with each other.

The Today Show hosting pair both became parents for the first time last year and have been giving each other advice ever since.

Daithi welcomed his son Michael Og on St. Patrick’s Day while Maura gave birth to baby Cal last May.

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Advice: Daithi and Maura have been sharing parenting tips | VIPIRELAND.COM

“We would share tips. Michael is two months older than Maura’s son Cal so something that’s happening to Michael now will be happening to him a few months later,” he said.

However, the Rose Of Tralee host also admitted the pair had been sharing more than just parenting advice.

“I’m sure loads of germs were being passed back and forth from Michael to me to Maura and on to Cal because there was a few weeks when we all sick in some way,” he joked.

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Family: Maura and Daithi became first time parents last year

The TV3 host feels that having a child has meant a lot of changes for him and wife Rita Talty.

“It’s great. It’s a lot different because there’s actually an extra human being inside the house with you constantly wondering how they are and worrying what they’re doing and if they’ve been fed.” he said.

While the happy couple are in love with being parents, Rita admitted they’ve no plans for more kids anytime soon.

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No rush: Daithi and Rita aren’t planning more kids anytime soon | VIPIRELAND.COM

“As of right now we’re just happy being the three of us,” she told The Herald.

“God willingly, hopefully one day he will have a brother or sister. We both grew up in big families and I think it’d be nice for him…who knows.”


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