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Conor McGregor turns 30 with surprising birthday plans

Not what we've come to expect from him


Conor McGregor turns 30 today and the UFC star’s party plans will surprise fans.

Apparently, the extravagant Crumlin lad has no birthday plans.

According to The Star nothing has been planned: “No big bash. Maybe dinner with his family but there hasn’t been any big party planned.”

Pictures: G. McDonnell / Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

The Irish Star report the reason for his uncharacteristic lack of a serious session as being down to his looming court date in the US.

Their source said, “Conor won’t be doing anything for his birthday, there are no plans at all.”

“He has the court case ­coming up again next week so it’s ­important to keep the head down, show that he’s taking this all seriously.”

“Hopefully this will all be put to bed and they’ll both be able to move on and put the whole thing behind them.”

Only back in May, Conor threw a lavish garden party in the K Club for his son Conor Jr, and spared no expense.

However, the milestone age won’t go unmarked as Lithuanian artist Edgar Askelovic’s a life-like sculpture of the UFC fighter is set to be unveiled today.

Valued at €55,000, it will go on display at London’s JD Malat Gallery today.