Conor McGregor BLAGGED his way into JLO’s party


Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh has revealed how they managed to blag their way into Jennifer Lopez’s birthday party – despite not being invited.

Back in July, the Crumlin native shared a snap of himself and the 47-year-old singer at her birthday bash in Las Vegas – but it turns out, Conor and his crew arrived as footballer Ronaldo’s plus one.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, John Kavanagh told how Conor’s cheeky boyish ways resulted in them showing up to an a-list party, after bumping into Ronaldo in Sin City.

“That’s just cheeky Conor, a throwback to his youth. He just says: ‘Ah sure I’ll come along.’ And Ronaldo goes: ‘Ehh…OK.’


Chancers: Conor and John blagged their way into JLO’s party – thanks to Ronaldo | INSTAGRAM

“And we’re all there thinking: ‘How can Ronaldo invite us to this gig? Who’s going to be there?’ Even in the car as we’re driving in: ‘Wait! This a terrible mistake. We’re going to walk in here and be thrown out by some security guard!’

Thankfully, John admitted that JLO turned out to be a huge fan of Conor.

“We go in and J-Lo catches his eye and comes running over like a schoolgirl: ‘Oh! Conor McGregor! Thank you for coming. Let’s dance!”

“She drags him to the dancefloor and they start dancing and I’m like: ‘Oh, here we go, just another crazy story.’ Ronaldo is there. He comes over, tells me that he reads everything (I write) and follows me on Instagram. I’m thinking: ‘Wait until I tell my dad about this!’