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Conor McGregor announces he’s set to fight Manny Pacquiao

The UFC star has announced his big comeback

Pic: Dave Fogarty

Conor McGregor has announced his big comeback fight – against boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

The two-weight UFC champion has revealed that the upcoming bought will happen in the Middle East.

Taking to Twitter the father-of-two revealed a conversation with UFC boss Dana White, in which he asked for another MMA title fight.

After sharing multiple screenshots he then revealed he will be returning to fight Manny this year.


Opening up about his planned return to the UFC, Conor said he had tried to schedule a fight, but when plans fell apart he decided to retire.

“Here’s the finish of that exchange. Pre COVID. Pre retirement. Never turned down offer of Tony as was suggested at the time.

“I stated months in advance (early February) that I was not interested in being an alternate for two consistent pullouts. Pushed for my own scheduled bouts,” he wrote.

Pic: Dave Fogarty

“I was pushing hard for the season. Multiple opponents, multiple dates offered throughout. All to take place back to back.”

“Then when COVID hit and the talk was that I would have to wait for crowds again, I walked away from the situation.

“I was waiting long enough at that stage,” he added.