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Colm Hayes reveals battle with anxiety and depression


RTE host Colm Hayes has revealed he has been struggling with anxiety for years.

The presenter, who just announced this week he is leaving 2fm, has admitted to struggling with depression and said he used to get sick before going out lie on air.

“I would vomit before work with anxiety. It would happen in the mornings,” he told the Sunday Independent.

“People talk about the black dog of depression coming at night but I think they always hang around in the morning as well.

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“Just before you wake up and can get out of bed and be positive, they see the weakness and that’s when they go for you,” he explained.

Colm admitted that he constantly dealt with negative thoughts.

“You have your real mind and then your monkey mind, and your monkey mind is constantly doubting you the whole time.

“It would be there in the background telling you ‘you are a failure’,” he admitted.

After 10 years in 2FM Colm announced this week that he was leaving the broadcaster.

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Now the presenter, who’s show will be taken over by Al Porter, says he spent most of those years in dark moods.

“For me it manifested in my gut,” he said.

“It would be twisted, I would be sick just wondering what the future is going to hold.


“I would be a terrible man for casting myself about five years ahead and I always tended to be this old man walking the streets.

“MY biggest fear was not having any work, not being able to support my family.”

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“That must be one of the greatest anxities in western society and it’s frightening.

Meanwhile Colm opened up about 2FM’s new direction – focusing on a younger audience and with that hiring younger presenters.

“I couldn’t have done another weekend of that (playing Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber), it wasn’t good for me or who I am so I needed another challenge.

“They decided that the station was going young and that my profile wasn’t going to fit the new 2FM and they are right – I didn’t.

“I would have looked out of place. It’s a big move but it’s my decision this time,” he admitted.

Colm is a Cycle Against Suicide ambassador and wants his own experience to help others suffering with mental health issues.