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Colin Farrell tells hilarious story about Irish kebab shop on Jimmy Kimmel

'I can bring the pope for a free Kebab'


Colin Farrell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and retold a hilarious story about receiving the very first Abrakebabra black card.

The card, he reveals is a step above a gold card, which means the Irish star is entitled to free food for him, and any number of guests.

“The last time you were here we had a conversation about a restaurant that you love,” the host asked the actor.


“What’s it called again?” he asked.

“How could you forget? It’s Abrakebabra,” said Colin.

“And you talked about this, did they give you some sort of a card?” Jimmy enquired.

“Yeah, they gave me a gold card,” he said.


“But then because, you see I had done an interview for this kebab shop in I think Aer Lingus magazine, which is our national airline.”

“And because the good people at Abrekebabra, the kebab shop, read my interview in the Aer Lingus airline magazine they gave me that gold card,” Colin explained.

“But then I came on lovely Ellen’s show, and lovely your [Jimmy Kimmel Live] show and I talked the thing international I got a call saying they had printed up a black card.”

“Ain’t no one has a black card, not even the pope has a black card. But I can bring the pope for a free Kebab because that’s what I get,” he joked.

“So with a gold card I could feed myself for free, but with a black card I could feed the two of us,” he told Jimmy.

“Just the two of us?” he asked.

“No no, anyone I want” he said gesturing to the audience.

Cheryl Tweedy and Bono are among celebs with a coveted Gold Card.

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