Colette Fitzpatrick reportedly set to leave Pat Kenny Tonight

The presenter co-hosted the show with Pat Kenny

Colette Fitzpatrick is reportedly set to leave the TV3 show Pat Kenny Tonight.

Station insiders revealed that Colette is highly unlikely to return when the show comes back for a new season this Wednesday.

These sources say that she hasn’t been involved in recent production meetings with Pat and the rest of the team.


Pat Kenny Tonight: Sources say that Colette didn’t have as much input as she would’ve liked | MICHAEL CHESTER

The sources also told the Sunday World that the broadcaster said she will be concentrating more on the newsroom.

Back in October, the people of Ireland slammed Pat Kenny Tonight for being ‘sexist’, as Colette’s name wasn’t in the title.

A source divulged, “Unless something dramatically changes in the next few days, Colette will now move more back into the news department in TV3.

“Pat was doing most of the interviews on the show and she thought she was playing second fiddle somewhat. She would have liked more input as she’s a consummate professional and brilliant at what she does.”