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Claudine Keane could be set to replace Amanda Byram on Dancing with the Stars

The blonde beauty has admitted that there has been "chit-chat"

Claudine Keane | VIPIRELAND.COM

Claudine Keane could be set to replace Amanda Byram on Dancing With The Stars.

Last week, Amanda announced her departure from the popular dance show, and many stars have since been tipped to fill her shoes when the series returns next year.

And now Claudine, who is married to footballer Robbie Keane, has admitted that she’s in talks with DWTS bosses.

“I know Larry Bass very well, he is a great guy and an amazing producer, what they have done with that show is unbelievable,” she said.

Claudine Keane | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Yes, there has been chit-chat about DWTS and I wouldn’t rule anything out, but because we are constantly travelling, it is very hard for me to commit.”

Speaking about whether she would rather nab the presenter role than be a contestant, Claudine told RSVP: “We have discussed different options so there are a few different elements being talked about but nothing specific.”

Although Claudine is dedicated to being a full-time mum, she’s keen to take on new projects in the near future.

“I would like to get more involved, and I have been offered to do guest roles and fill in slots here and there, topical issues that appeal to me.”

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“I think now that Hudson is two, he is a little older, he is not a baby anymore, so I will have more time. I feel once he starts preschool, which I am dreading, I will have more time to do ‘me’ things,” she said.

The 34-year-old has always been a hands on mum, something which has always been important to her.

She continued: “I have never had a nanny, I never had help raising the boys, I always wanted to be there. When we more to the states first, Robert was just two and Robbie was travelling a lot, so it was just us together.”


“I thought he needed me as he had no other family in the states, so it was a conscious decision to be at home with him. I felt he needed it as we just had made such a big move. I also enjoy it so much.”

On the topic of having more kids, Claudine admitted, “It is definitely a possibility, but I am also very happy with the way it is, I have two happy, healthy boys and Hudson is just two, so he is still small.

“I am 34, I wouldn’t rule it out, if I am doing it again I won’t leave as much time as I did between Robert and Hudson.”