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Claire Byrne 'tearing her hair out' as she survives TWO kids under the age of two

RTE star Claire Byrne has admitted she is “tearing her hair out” with two kids under the age of two.

The Prime Time presenter is dealing with the “mania” of eight-week-old Jane and Patrick, who is 13-months-old.

She said: “Jane is eight-weeks-old. It is all manic. Having a 13-month-old and an eight-week-old is a bit crazy.

“Jane’s birth flew in – it’s really busy. Some days you are tearing your hair out but look they are healthy and happy and that’s all good.

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Love: Claire and fiancee Gerry Scollan | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Patrick makes a weird noise he makes when he sees her which he doesn’t make for anyone else.

“It’s like a wail and then he gives her a kiss that is more like a big drool and then tries to pull her head off so he’s a little jealous – it’s a love hate relationship.”

Now Claire, 39, is planning an extremely quiet Christmas, so not to trouble her family with two young tots.

She added: “We are going to have a quiet Christmas. We had thought we would go somewhere to a family but we decided no.

“Babies don’t sleep in everyone’s houses so we decided not to do that. We’ll stay at home for a quiet Christmas.


Pregnant: Claire Byrne before she gave birth

“But it will my first time cooking Xmas dinner and I am already looking at turkey recipes and cranberry recipes and thinking, ’Can I really do this?’.

And Claire – who will be back on air later this month filling in for Ryan Tubridy – said her and fiancee Gerry Scollan are in no rush to get wed.

She added: “We were going to do it this year in November or October but that changed because I had Jane.

“So we postponed it but we’ve just started talking about it in the last few weeks but we don’t have a date.

“It’ll be very small and quiet. We are in no rush. I haven’t even thought of a dress. When I think about wedding I think what kids will wear rather than what I wear

“I feel like I have been pregnant for last two years I have had enough of the old pregnancy thing for the moment.”


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