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Claire Byrne responds to claims that she’s set to ‘replace’ Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show

The TV presenter is "flattered" by the rumours


Claire Byrne has responded to claims that she’s set to replace Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show.

Fans of the RTÉ presenter have called for Claire to be the first female anchor of the popular chat show, after she received praise for her recent interview with Clodagh Hawe’s family.

Speaking to RSVP Live, Claire said, “That is probably not going to happen. It is certainly not on my radar.”

“I have heard it said around the place and it is very flattering. You know what? I am really happy where I am, I really am.”


The broadcaster also opened up about interviewing Clodagh Hawe’s family on Claire Byrne Live.

She said, “We did some important work in the last few weeks, speaking to Clodagh Hawe’s family. The power and impact of that interview are one of things I am most proud of in my career. I am not looking for another job.”

Claire was praised for how she handled the interview, as Clodagh’s mother and sister described what happened the morning they found out Clodagh and her three sons had been murdered by Alan Hawe.

“It was difficult, but I had developed a relationship with them over a long period of time and I had fully discussed what they were comfortable with doing. Their strength, dignity and grace astounded me, and it still does standing here talking to you.

“I will never understand what they are going through and they can never move on. I always think of them going to bed in three weeks time, three months time or three years time and still having to deal with their family being wiped out.

“It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to deal with as a journalist,” she added.

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