Ciara Doherty insists she’s ‘happy’ with her Ireland AM pay cheque

The TV3 star was recently confirmed as Sinead Desmond's permanent replacement

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Ciara Doherty has insisted that she’s “happy” with her TV3 salary.

The presenter was recently announced as the permanent replacement for Sinead Desmond on the popular breakfast show.

The former co-anchor left TV3 late last year after 11 years at the station, amid rumours of a gender pay dispute.

Despite this, Ciara told the Herald, “I’m more than happy about what I’ve been paid and I want to look now to the future and to the 20th anniversary.”

Pic Brian McEvoy

“I’m happy in my position and I wouldn’t have taken it otherwise,” she said. “I’ve loved it and I’ve wanted to stay on and I’m absolutely thrilled now that they’ve made the decision that I’m going to be the permanent anchor.”

“The programme will be 20-years-old next year, so it’s amazing to think I will be there as the co-anchor for its 20th anniversary. Myself, Mark, Alan and Aidan, we click together, and I hope people can see that.”

Ciara also spoke about how her promotion may inspire other working women.

Ciara Doherty at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards 2018 | Brian McEvoy

“They have always had a female anchor, they have always had that role, but I do think other women like to see others succeed and get promoted,” she said.

“I have been working in media since I was 20, and I’ve worked as a researcher, producer and a reporter and a presenter.

“I have worked for a long time to try and get to this point and I think people by and large are always glad to see somebody else who is female in the industry get a little promotion,” she added.

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