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Chris O'Dowd says 'biggest achievement' was marrying Dawn Porter

He’s been nominated for a Tony award, and starred in US smash hit comedy Bridesmaids, but Chris O’Dowd says finding Dawn  Porter is his “biggest achievement”.

When asked what his best achievement in life was he said:

“Finding someone who puts up with me, and who feels the same way about everything I do, is just not what I ever expected.”

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But unfortunately for Dawn Chris said he has an annoying personality trait:

“I’m horribly impatient. Queues drive me mad. I have a terrible habit when my wife and I are doing the weekly shop in Sainsbury’s of filling up the trolley then ducking out for a cigarette as soon as we get to the queue. I always come back to settle the bill though.”

The Roscommon actor added that creating Sky One show Moone Boy has also been a huge achievement.

“Then my TV show, Moone Boy. It’s been an incredible experience because it turned out exactly as I wanted it to. It’s one thing to act but it’s a very different thing to write,” he said.




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