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Charleen Murphy admits she became ‘detached from reality’ after being subject to ‘violent attack’

Charleen Murphy has admitted she became “detached from reality” after being subject to an alleged “violent attack” in Dublin earlier this year.

Craig O’Brien, 27, was charged with assault causing harm to the popular influencer at a hotel in the city centre back in February.

The social media star was enjoying dinner with a friend when the accused allegedly approached her from behind and “punched her full force to the back of the head”.

It’s understood the man was “someone known to her and her friend through personal online abuse on various social media accounts”.

The accused has since been sent trial, and the case has been listed for mention on October 13.

In a post shared on Instagram today, Charleen told her followers that she started seeing a therapist soon after the alleged incident.

She wrote: “After what happened to me in February I went straight to therapy. Anyone who listens to the pod knowsss how much of a therapy advocate I am lol.”

“The first thing I thought was okay I need to go to therapy right now so this doesn’t affect me in the long run. Realistically, of course it was always going to affect me regardless and also I don’t think I had even half processed what had happened,” Charleen explained.

“I didn’t find it helpful that time at all, purely because I was still in shock. Looking back, I became detached from myself and my reality for a while and went into a state of derealisation.

“I went straight back into socialising and work because I craved that sense of normality after something so strange had happened.

“I felt kind of numb in a sense but I think in the last 2 months that numbness has worn off and I’m feeling emotions properly again (some good some bad), so I’m excited and feel ready to work through these feelings, worries and anxiety and as my therapist said ‘clean out the emotional wound before we stitch it back up’.

Charleen was hospitalised after the alleged incident in February, after her head rebounded off a glass in front of her when she was punched, resulting in a two-inch laceration to the right side her face.

The next day, the influencer appeared in court to give evidence at a bail hearing.

The accused was remanded in custody after Garda Stephen McDonnell objected to bail as he stressed the seriousness of the alleged incident.


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