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Celebrity chef Rachel Allen: 'I'll never go under the knife'


Celebrity chef Rachel Allen has insisted that she’ll never get cosmetic surgery.

Unlike many women in the splotlight who feel pressure to go under the knife to stay looking as young as possible – the Cork native admitted she’s not too bothered.

“I can’t imagine I’d ever get be interested in getting anything age-defying done to my face or body. That’s just not me,” she said.

Guests at Day 3 of the 'Taste of Dublin' Festival, Iveagh Gardens, Dublin

Confident: Rachel doesn’t plan to ever get nipped or tucked |  VIPIRELAND.COM

“I don’t think I’ll ever feel the need to inject anything, or do anything.”

“I’ll probably just keep trying to get my hair done and do the flipping running on the beach,” she told the Sunday Independent’s Life magazine.

“My life doesn’t revolve around how I look. It’s partly a political choice – there probably is a little bit of that in there – but really, I just wouldn’t be bothered.”

Celebrity chef Rachel Allen at The Saturday Night Show

Life: Rachel insisted her life doesn’t revolve around how she looks | VIPIRELAND.COM

Meanwhile, the TV star also likes to take it easy when it comes to fitness and tries not to be too hard on her eating habits.

“I know when I look at myself, the only pressure I feel is for myself,” she said.

“Sometimes I see a photo of myself and I think, ‘Who is that really bulky person?  God, it’s me…’ and I’ll think, ‘Ok, less of the glasses of wine with the crisps.'”