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Cecelia Ahern divulges details on the PS I Love You sequel

Her next novel is hotly anticipated.


Cecelia Ahern revealed she has written a sequel to her hugely successful novel PS I Love You back in March of this year.

Now, the Irish author has shared some new details on what we can expect from the sequel, titled Postscript.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, she revealed that she began writing the sequel in 2012, and said that it was like “revisiting old friends” for the author.

Cecelia Ahern | BRIAN MCEVOY

“Postscript is set seven years after the death of Gerry Clarke, so six years after Holly read the last letter, and she has definitely moved on,” she said.

“Holly is approached by a group of people called the P.S. I Love You Club who have been inspired by the letters Gerry has left for her.”

“They are all terminally ill and they ask her for help to write letters for their loved ones,” she finished.

Postscript is scheduled for release in September.

Back in March, the author tweeted:

“I’ve written the sequel to PS I LOVE YOU – titled POSTSCRIPT,” she wrote on Twitter.

“POSTSCRIPT will be published September 19th in the UK & Ireland. I hope you’ll welcome back Holly… & Gerry…& that reading it will be as emotional for you as it was for me.”