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Brian O’Driscoll admits he’s struggling with lockdown: ‘It’s just so frustrating’

Brian O’Driscoll has admitted that he’s struggling with lockdown.

The former Irish rugby captain has been spending the lockdown with his wife Amy Huberman and their three kids, Billie, Sadie, and newborn Ted.

The 42-year-old got candid about his experience in an interview with Off The Ball, where he admitted: “I’m alright, I’m not good… I’m managing.”


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“The problem is there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Even though there’s vaccine rollouts, it’s impossible to know is it two, six, nine months.

“It’s just so frustrating and then it’s Groundhog Day,” the father-of-three said, making reference to the hit 1993 film about a man reliving the same day over and over again.

“It’s just the same, even at the weekends when you have a bit of time off like go to the park. If you don’t want to cook, get a box from a restaurant from around the corner if you can.

“I think we’re all just tired of it,” he admitted.


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Opening up about his experience with homeschooling, Brian said: “That’s been intense. Mine are of an age where they really need help, particularly my little fella who is only six.

“His attention span is shocking… I think it’s really hard as well, you know, we’re not teachers and there is methodology to it.

“I think your own frustration then boils up as well, when you can’t explain it to them and they don’t get it, and you run out of options of how to actually tell them or teach them something.

“I think that just exacerbates an already difficult situation,” he explained.


Despite the difficult year, Brian and Amy celebrated the birth of their third child in December.

Sharing the new to Instagram, Brian posted a photo of himself carrying their newborn son in a car seat.

He captioned the post: “2020 was a bit crap but the end of it was aiiiiight! Ted O’Driscoll arrived on Dec 28th and he is deadly.

“His mum is a champion and his brother and sister are thrilled at having a new little bro.”


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