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Brian Dowling reveals he is starting a family with husband Arthur Gourounlian

The couple tied the knot in 2015


Brian Dowling has revealed he is starting a family with his husband Arthur Gourounlian.

The Big Brother star opened up about having children in a recent couples interview with VIP Magazine.

Brian said he and his husband are in the process of having children and are now “on the baby train.”

“For me, it’s all about timing. I can say that we are now on the baby train, the train has departed the station!,” he said.


The pair, who met in 2002 are currently living in L.A, and hope to raise their children in Ireland.

“We’re obviously living in LA and have a visa for two or three more years and I always thought I wanted to rear my kids in Ireland, I want them to go to an Irish school,” Brian told the publication.

“But we always say never say never, because who knows what is around the corner, really. We just don’t want to put a timer on it. I never saw myself moving to Ireland, because I have always been in big cities, I always wanted to be in America,” revealed Arthur.



The choreographer who has toured with big name stars including Beyoncé and The Pussycat Dolls said he loves his Irish husband’s family.

“But in saying that, I love Brian’s family and how they are, and having kids, you would want them near,” he continued.

Brian confessed his wish to return to the emerald isle to work in television.

“I do want to do more in Ireland; I haven’t worked here on tv since… six or seven years ago? I think people might think, ‘Oh he wouldn’t do that, or, oh he’s in LA!’ But I’m trying to put the feelers out now to say… I’m available.”