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Brian Dowling recalls ‘pinch me moment’ he met Sex and the City star

Brian Dowling has recalled the “pinch me moment” he met Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall.

After the upcoming revival series hit headlines on Monday, the Big Brother star took to Instagram to share his excitement.

However, the TV presenter admitted he was saddened Kim won’t be apart of the reboot, as she played his favourite character Samantha Jones.

Brian said: “I am excited, but I’m also saddened that Samantha Jones, the amazing Kim Cattrall, will not be returning to play Samantha.”

“What are they going to do with her character? Are they going to kill her off?”


The 42-year-old then recalled the moment he met Kim Cattrall on a flight to Dublin, where they were both set to attend the IFTA Awards.

Brian said: “Also a little side story for you, and look I’m not one to gossip so I’ll just say this… I got the opportunity to spend some time with Kim Cattrall and she was everything.”

“We were on the same flight, sitting across from each other and it was so early in the morning flying from Heathrow to Dublin and I recognised the voice and it didn’t dawn on me.”

“Then we got off the plane and when you got off the plane you walked down the bridge from the aircraft there were two signs one saying Brian Dowling and another saying Kim Cattrall…”



“So I waited and then Kim Cattrall approached me and I was like, ‘Say nothing about Sex and the City, just act nonchalant and say hi how are you,’ and I went, ‘Hi, how are you? Can I just say I’m obsessed with Samantha Jones.'”

“She was like, ‘What is it about gay men and that character?’ First up, clutching my big Louis Vuitton bag I was like, ‘How does she know I’m gay?'”

“Once I got over that, we were then escorted by security into a little area in Dublin Airport. Well she was all chat. She talked about the character, the first movie, the second movie and then this other actress Joely Richardson joined us.”

“They were all chat and in the middle of this I got carried away and I fully believed that I was an actor of equal measure to them. It was a real pinch me moment,” he said.

The Gossies 2020 | Pic: Jerry McCarthy

Later that night, Brian bumped into Kim again at the IFTAs.

“We were there for the IFTA’s and then on the night she was hosting an award and so was I obviously – actually with Michelle Keegan,” he explained.

“Then Kim walked in and went, ‘Brian stay away from that buffet.’ Everyone was like, ‘Ahhh how do you know Kim?’

“I’m like, ‘We’re friends, we go way back … about four hours ago at the airport’.”


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