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Bressie: I may have a supermodel girlfriend – but my life is super boring


Voice of Ireland star Bressie has revealed he’s been living with Roz Purcell for eight months.

And the former Blizzards singer doesn’t understand the massive fascination over his romance with the ex-Miss Universe Ireland – claiming he’s boring.

Asked how he finds the headlines over his relationship, he said: “It can be amusing alright.

“I just saw a story about how Roz and I have decided to move in together — they obviously don’t know that Roz and I moved in together eight months ago.

“It’s part of what I do I suppose, and the more you try to keep a low profile, the more people will want to write about us.”

And the 33-year-old added: “I find myself saying ‘Who gives a damn?’ — I know how mundane my life really is!”


However, Bressie admitted he can be extremely cranky to live with – revealing his friends compare him to grumpy American comedian Larry David.

He said: “My friends call me Larry, I think because I’m a cantankerous old fart. But there’s so much to him — I love how humorously cynical he is.”

Meanwhile, Bressie told TVNow he has warned his team on the Voice of Ireland that they need to concentrate on the music – not becoming celebrities.

He said: “The Irish public can make up their minds very quickly so any attempt to show off could well backfire badly on them.

“I just want them to concentrate fully on the music.”