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Bressie admits: ‘Sobbing uncontrollably is so liberating’


Bressie has admitted that “the idea of sobbing uncontrollably” is “so liberating” – after he competed in the Iron Man triathlon this year.

The Blizzards frontman, who has admittedly had a tough year since splitting from model Roz Purcell, revealed that he couldn’t stop crying when he crossed the finish line at Iron Man in Copenhagen this summer.

The singer, real name Niall Breslin, admitted that he was determined to compete in the triathlon after he cheered on a friend in the Danish capital two years ago – while he was suffering from extreme depression.

“I cried when I finished the Iron Man…. I went to watch the Iron Man in Copenhagen two years ago, to support a couple of friends, and that was my last acute attack of depression, where I literally couldn’t get out of bed.

“I had to drag myself out of bed to barely support these people. And I remember at the end of that Iron Man saying ‘I need to come back here to put a full stop to this’ and I remember saying ‘I’m going to do an Iron Man’.

“‘I’m going to do it in Copenhagen and I’m going to go on this journey and I’m going to actually spend the next two years working on my head, working on my body, so I can do it’.”

The 35-year-old was speaking to The Irish Times as part of their How to be a Man series, which is exploring masculinity and the challenges that face men in Ireland today.

“And so when I did it and came over the line I actually sobbed uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop.

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 “And it felt amazing. It wasn’t because I finished. The fact I was able, and the journey I’d gone on, I didn’t give a shit what anyone thought of me,” he said.

The star revealed that he wasn’t the only one sobbing, as practically everyone who crossed the finish line burst into tears – because “they all had their own reasons”.

“And when you watched, everyone who came over that line sobbed. Everyone had a story. They all had their own reasons to do it. They all had their family there who went on that journey with them

“And I’m still getting over it, the idea of sobbing uncontrollably – it was so liberating,” he added.