Brendan O’Carroll reveals the Queen requests advance viewing of Mrs Brown’s Boys

Buckingham Palace are serious fans of the Dublin man


Comic and writer Brendan O’Carroll has revealed that the Queen has requested an advance viewing of the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special.

The popular sitcom returns to the small screen every year for Christmas Day and New Years Day episodes.

Speaking about the upcoming specials, the Finglas native revealed that while he doesn’t watch the show before it airs himself, a few get a preview copy of the show.

Photographer: Graeme Hunter

“One of the few to get a preview copy is Buckingham Palace,” he told The Mirror.

“I was speechless a couple of years ago when our producer first told me that they wanted an advance copy!”

64-year-old Brendan O’Carroll has promised fans they would not be disappointed by this year’s Christmas offering.

It’s A Wonderful Mammy will be an Irish take on the 1946 Christmas classic, It’s A Wonderful Life.

In a previous interview with RSVP Live, he explained the plot saying: “The Christmas Day one is called ‘It’s a Wonderful Mammy’ and Agnes is in Foley’s after having a row with Winnie, Cathy and her daughter in law and she is fed up with them all.”

“She says to herself, ‘Do you ever wish you weren’t here’ and an angel appears beside her in the form of Kevin Kennedy and he helps her with that and shows her what life would be like if she wasn’t there,” he said.

“If you have seen It’s a Wonderful Life, you will know that everybody’s life is devastated, well everyone’s life is bloody fantastic without her.”