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Brendan Courtney calls out Leo Varadakar for not inviting him to commemoration of the decriminalisation of homosexuality

Brendan Courtney has asked the Taoiseach if his invitation to an historic event on Sunday, which commemorates the 25th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality, has been lost in the post.

Invites to the event were received by other invited guests from political groups and charities earlier in the week.

As the first openly gay TV presenter in Ireland the Lennon Courtney creator is surprised he has not yet received an invite.

He took to social media to ask Leo Varadkar where his invite was, tweeting, “I presume my invite to Sunday’s ‘commemoration of the decriminalisation of homosexuality’ is in the post @campaignforleo?”

Coming out so publicly wasn’t without its difficulties for Brendan as he explained, “Being THE FIRST OPENLY GAY TV presenter on Irish TV 20 years ago! & taking public assaults for the cause!”

“I’m sure it’s on its way?! ????” he finished.

He later clarified he wasn’t bothered about not being invited to “a party” but wanted his contribution, and the contributions of people who have played a major role in making it safe for people to come out, the Taoiseach included, to be acknowledged.

He said, “To be clear! It’s really not about being invited to ‘A Party’ it’s more personal then that. It’s about @campaignforleo acknowledging that people like me made it possible for him to come out late and safely.”

“We did it first so that people like him could become leader! #WORD”


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