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Breakfast Republic proves to be a continued success as RTÉ 2fm’s JNLR figures are released

The station has had another strong book this year


The latest Joint National Listenership Report (JNLR) have been released for the period October ’16 to September ’17 – and RTÉ 2fm are celebrating gains across the board.

However, Breakfast Republic, which is hosted by Keith Walsh, Bernard O’Shea and Jennifer Zamparelli, came out on top as they’ve gained 11,000 listeners since July, and a hefty 43,000 listeners since last year.

Meanwhile, The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene is up 7,000 since the last book, and 20,000 since last year.

Eoghan McDermott’s listenership has increased to 127,000 (9,000), and he’s gained 17,000 listeners since this time last year, and Tracy Clifford has gained 3,000 listeners.

Stephen Byrne, who replaced Ruth Scott on the weekends in January, has also gained 7,000 listeners since July, which brings his audience to 96,000.

Dave Fanning has had a 1,000 increase to 97,000, Rick O’Shea, who’s set to move to RTE Gold, was up 4,000 to 81,000, while Larry Gogan is up 9,000 listeners to 110,000 on Saturday and 8,000 to 78,000 on Sunday.

RTE 2fm’s has a market share of 6.7 per cent, which is an increase from 5.8 per cent this time last year.

Dan Healy, Head of Radio Strategy and RTÉ 2FM said, “RTÉ 2FM has seen JNLR increase for the fourth survey period in a row. This steady increase across all our core programming is very encouraging particularly as we are experiencing significant levels of listening from 15 to 34 years.”

“All who work in radio understand that one of the most important measurements is the number of people a station reaches everyday – for the first time since Gerry Ryan passed away ( April 2010) 2FM now has more listeners on a daily basis than TodayFM, an increase of 69,000 listeners year on year to 404,000, compared to their 402,000.

“Breakfast Republic is by far the most listened to programme by 15 to 34 year olds in Ireland, in fact the station now has five of the top 10 programmes for this audience. I am very grateful to all of my colleagues for the huge effort they put in to making 2FM a great public service for younger audiences.”

Meanwhile, the JNLR figures showed losses across the board for RTÉ Radio 1 since their last book.

Today with Sean O’Rourke is down 18,000 listeners since the last book in July with an audience of 324,000 – however, he did gain 1000 more listeners in the past 12 months.

Morning Ireland are also down by 2,000 since the last book with an audience of 434,000, and they’re down 10,000 since last year – however, it still remains the most listened to radio programme in Ireland.

Ray D’Arcy has dropped 6,000 since last year with an audience of 210,000, Joe Duffy is down 25,000 year on year with an audience of 370,000. Ryan Tubridy is also down 4,000 since the last book, but has gained 14,000 listeners since this time last year.·

The Marian Finucane Show has 350,000 people tuning in on Saturday mornings across the country, with 316,000 on Sundays – which means it’s down 31,000 (Saturday) and 16,000 (Sunday) since the last book.

Despite the losses for RTE Radio 1, RTÉ’s radio stations continue to reach almost 2 million listeners, with 1,996,000 tuning in every week.

RTÉ Radio 1 continues to be the only station with a weekly reach of over 1 million at 1,393,000, while RTÉ 2fm’s weekly reach figure is up with 816,000 listeners.

Meanwhile, RTÉ Lyric FM retains its 2% national share for Weekdays and has 304,000 listeners tuning in on a weekly basis, which is a gain of 20,000 year-on-year.