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Bonnie Ryan says she doesn’t want her wedding day to focus on the ‘sadness’ of dad Gerry not being there

The popular influencer wants to focus on the good


Bride-to-be Bonnie Ryan has admitted she wants her big day to focus on the good, rather than the sadness of her father Gerry Ryan not being there.

The popular makeup artist will tie the knot with her long time love John next year.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Mirror, Bonnie said she wants the day to be filled with positivity, but her legendary father, who tragically died in 2010, will be there in “some shape or form”.

Gerry Ryan with daughters Lottie and Bonnie Ryan | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I just want people to be really excited and happy that it is the day I am getting married and focus on that rather than being sad,” she said.

“In my family, we talk about him every day and we always remember him and do things to bring him into conversation.

“And of course in some shape or form he will be in my wedding, but yeah I am just focusing on all of the exciting stuff,” she admitted.

It comes just weeks after the popular influencer revealed she has finally got her wedding dress, and welcomed a new puppy Bobby.

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