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Bonnie Ryan praised for opening up about her battle with acne in candid video

The makeup artist is getting married next year


Bonnie Ryan has been praised for opening up about her battle with acne on social media.

The 27-year-old started taking Roaccutane, a medication that treats severe acne, last month – and she’s been documenting her journey over the past six weeks.

In a video posted on Instagram, which was filmed in May, Bonnie said she decided to start taking the medication as her spots were causing her serious pain.

“My skin has been so so sore, I couldn’t lie on one side because [the spots] got so big. This is so gross, but they did,” Bonnie admitted. “I was just feeling really down about it.”

“I’m 27 now, and I have literally tried everything for my skin. I have gone to the top dermatologists, I have been on waiting lists for a year to see certain doctors.”

“Tried everything, followed so carefully what I’ve been told to do. I’ve taken supplements, Zinc, always clean my pillowcases, take my make-up off at night.”

“I have a good diet, I drink so much water, I have a good skincare routine, regular facials. But my skin is still constantly like this.”

The make-up artist proceeded to share an update of her skin five days later, and how her skin was starting to clear.

She began to see further progress at day ten when her pimples continued to heal, and her doctor doubled her dosage of the medication at the two-week mark.


However, she explained that her skin started to break out once again, after a month and a half of taking Roaccutane.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Bonnie wrote: “I have been documenting my acne journey and starting Roaccutane over 6 weeks ago. This is part 1. I hope it gives an insight to my journey with it.”

Bonnie’s followers praised her for being so honest about her skin, including Irish influencer Rosie Connolly, who has been open about her struggle with acne in the past.

Rosie commented: “Well done Bonnie and hang in there… I was the exact same when I went on Roaccutane.. definitely got worse before it got better.. sharing your story will help so many people going through the same thing…”

“It will get better, and regardless, you’re a beautiful soul inside and out so please don’t let it get you down ❤️❤️❤️.”

Bonnie is set to wed her longterm love John next summer, and just last week, the makeup artist announced that she’s finally picked her wedding dress.


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