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Bonnie Ryan: 'Being a close family helps us ALL deal with pain of Gerry not being there at Christmas'


Bonnie Ryan has said her whole family will stick together at Christmas to deal with the pain of Gerry not being there.

The 22-year-old, who is working on making it as a singer, said the closeness with her siblings and mum Maura helps over the holidays.

Asked how she deals with the loss of her 2FM legend dad at Christmas, Bonnie said: “I have an extremely amazing family, we are so close. So in that way, we can get through anything together.”


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And Bonnie insisted that she doesn’t mind people talking about her father Gerry – who died in 2010 – but wants it to all be about her now.

She added: “Of course I don’t mind. I know it is going to be brought up and my dad was an incredible person.

“I am extremely proud of him and I am extremely proud to be his daughter, but this is kind of my time now.

“I work really hard on what I do and I want people to see me for Bonnie Ryan and the work I am doing and the performance I am giving and not for any other reason but for the fact I am working hard to establish myself.

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“I understand when things get brought up but at the same time I would like people to see me for who I am myself.”

And Bonnie told RSVP Magazine that she knows Gerry will be extremely happy with her choice of career – because he wanted it for himself.

“He wanted me to do whatever was going to make me happy and he came to all of my tours and secretly, I think he wanted to be the one on stage.

“Because a little bit of him wanted to be a rock star. My dad knew this was what I wanted to do so, he would be proud of me now.”

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