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Blogger Grace Mongey reveals what she’s been keeping a secret for MONTHS

Such amazing news for Grace!


Grace Mongey has revealed that she’s bought a house with her long-term partner Chris Gernon.

The couple, who welcomed their daughter Sienna back in 2016, have been keeping the news a secret for months.

The top blogger, otherwise known as FacesByGrace, took to Instagram to announce the exciting news.

“So we’ve been keeping a secret for the past 3 months and we can finally let you all in on it! If you haven’t guessed already…. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! Actually writing it down brings tears to my eyes, I can’t actually believe it! We have a home!!!!” she wrote.

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“For the past year and a half we have been saving our asses off, wishing, hoping and praying that some day we would own our own home! Well today is the day we sign the contract and it all becomes official!

“In January we put a deposit down on what we felt was our dream home! It was the last house left and we hadn’t even seen inside it! A few days later we got to view it and all our dreams came through (sic). We knew from that moment it was ours and a few angels up there were holding it for us!!!!”
“I’m so so happy to be able to share our news with you all! This has been such an emotional rollercoaster! I have to take my hat off to Chris, he has been the brains behind it all, he did all the chasing, chatting, all the calls and everything that goes into buying a house! Also have to thanks my account Jim! (sic).”

“I honestly never thought this was going to happen, being self employed in such a new industry is scary when you’re planning your future! I’m so lucky to have such amazing supportive people in my life that believed in me and helped us in every way possible!”

The mum-of-one also took the time to thank her mum, who she has been living with since welcoming her baby girl Sienna.

“To my Mam, she took us in thinking we’d be there for a month max! 17 months later and she’s finally getting rid of us!!!! She gave up here home and enabled us to save. She’s some woman!!!!

“I can’t thank you enough.And finally, to our little girl, we finally have a home for just the three us. This is the next chapter in our lives and we can’t wait to share it with you all!!!!” she added.

Grace made headlines worldwide back in 2016 when she started Snapchatting from when she first went into labour.