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Ben’s Foden’s wife Jackie SLAMS ‘hateful’ fans who ‘worship’ Una Healy in scathing rant

The rugby player split from the Irish singer back in 2018


Ben’s Foden’s wife Jackie has slammed “hateful” fans who “worship” his ex Una Healy in a scathing rant on Instagram.

Jackie shared a lengthy statement on her Instagram Story, after she received a cruel message from an online troll about their newborn daughter, Farrah.

The troll’s message read: “So Ben. If there was a choice who to save from a burning building Aoife Belle or your new daughter. Which would you save?” [sic]

The message referred to Ben’s eight-year-old daughter Aoife Belle, who he shares with his ex-wife Una Healy.

He also shares five-year-old son Tadgh with the Irish singer, who he split from in 2018 – amid claims he was unfaithful.

Jackie shared a screenshot of the message on her Instagram Story, and told the person to “get a life”.

The new mum then launched into a scathing rant about Ben’s critics, who “worship” his ex-wife Una Healy.

Ben with his ex-wife Una and their two kids

She wrote: “To be clear, Ben is f***ing suffering not being able to fly back to see his kids. They were suppose to be with us in April but flights were cancelled. We are waiting and checking EVERY DAY on updates on flights btw the US and England.”

“We are hoping to have them all summer. This pandemic has force separated us. The only time I’ve ever even seen Ben cry was over a video of Tadgh missing him. Ben speaks to the kids EVERY DAY via FaceTime.”

“We spend hours almost every single day playing in their virtual reality apps with them, like Roblox. Whatever we can do we are doing. We are trying.”


Jackie continued: “These Una worshipping fanatics are literally the worst most hateful people I’ve ever encountered. Ben made one f***ing mistake. Move on a**holes. He is a good man. He is a loving father.”

“I don’t even care about the nasty barrage of comments and dms I get from these people constantly telling me he’ll cheat on me, that he married me for a green card, that he’s a liar etc etc. BUT LEAVE THE F***ING KIDS OUT OF IT.”

“This one really pissed me off,” Jackie wrote, before adding, “Or it’s 5am and I’m up every 2 hours breastfeeding on no sleep and very hormonal….”


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Ben and Jackie welcomed their first child last week, nine months after they tied the knot in the US after just weeks of knowing each other.

The rugby star moved on with Jackie after splitting from Una Healy in July 2018 after six years of marriage.

At the time, Ben was accused of cheating on Una with PR girl Becky Milne.

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