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Aoibhin Garrihy admits she feared something bad was going to happen before Covid-19 hit Ireland

The mother-of-two had a bad feeling before the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic


Aoibhin Garrihy has admitted she feared something bad was going to happen, before Covid-19 hit Ireland.

The 33-year-old was forced to cancel her Beo wellness events due to the outbreak earlier this year, and her husband John Burke had to close the doors of his hotel.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, the mother-of-two confessed she had a bad feeling before the coronavirus outbreak was declared a global pandemic.

She said: “What goes up must come down. I’m a big believer in that. I had this conversation with John a few months ago.”

“Things had been going great, we had two healthy babies, our parents were healthy, business was going good, we’re building a house. I said ‘John a knock is coming. It can’t keep going up.’”

“That’s the nature of life. John is a mountaineer, so he knows that what goes up must come down. He knows the way down is a lot tougher,” she continued.

“Even when he was climbing Everest, the descent was tougher than the ascent. That’s just life. You need to pick yourself up, the nature of what I do – there’s so much rejection.”

“You get beaten down and you have to keep getting back up. I’m that way anyway and try to adapt the glass-half-full mentality.”

Speaking about how she kept her Beo business going during lockdown, Aoibhin said: “For Beo in lockdown, it was essentially gone.”

“All our events were cancelled that were due to happen in the spring and we had loads of plans for the summer with festivals and collaborations with other events. But all that came to a halt.”

“When you’re in the event space, and then not to be able to host events, there’s your business wiped out in the blink of an eye. For us, we’ve got creative and we’re able to connect and engage with people online in a way we’ve never done before,” she said.

“The feedback has been brilliant. It was free and we weren’t making a penny but I got a lot from it. That engagement with the audience was amazing.”


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Covid has put years on us…it needed to be radical 💇‍♀️ Thanks @normajeanhair @theroomhairco for bringing some much needed bounce back 💃🏼

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