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Anne Hathaway insists Ruth Negga is ‘an icon for a new generation’


Anne Hathaway has gushed about Ruth Negga, and insisted that the Irish-Ethiopian actress is “an icon for a new generation”.

The a-list actress is a huge fan of Ruth, who has made quite the impression in Hollywood since landing an Oscar nomination for her role in Loving.

The Les Misérables star admitted that the 35-year-old, who previously starred in RTÉ crime drama Love/Hate, is still the talk of the town.

“There are always these actors who really capture focus and attention. You hear their name coming up all the time, there’s a real buzz. That’s definitely Ruth!” she told the Irish Sun.

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“She’s crazy super-talented, really mesmerising and evocative in her work, making really smart, very strong choices. Very intelligent and considered.

“And her [fashion] choices during awards season were beautiful pieces of art. She’s literally an icon for a new generation. I think everyone is like, ‘how does she do it?’ She excites me so much and I can’t wait to see what she does next,” she gushed.

The New York native, who rose to fame after starring in The Princess Diaries, is really fond of Ireland – as she previously filmed here for Ella Enchanted and Becoming Jane.

Loving it: Anne is a huge fan of Ireland | FayesVision/WENN.com

“Each time I’ve been there, I’ve fallen more in love. I was there when I was 20, I think, so cool being away from home and getting to hang out properly, see the country.

“And then again for Becoming Jane, even though it was freezing and the weather beat us down. In hindsight, looking back, even the weather I love. You can’t predict it. It’s cold, it’s sunny, it’s raining, it’s dry, I kinda loved that challenge of trying to adjust to all of the elements being thrown at us.”

“If I can find a script to bring me back, I’m there in a heartbeat. I want to bring my family with me,” she added.