Anna Geary shows off ‘nasty big spots’ on her chin in candid post about breakouts

The RTÉ star wants to show her "real self" on Instagram


Anna Geary showed off some “nasty big spots” on her chin, as she opened up about suffering from “hormonal breakouts” on Instagram.

The RTÉ star is eager to share her “real self” on social media, and wants to be open and honest with her 76.6k followers.

Speaking on her Instagram Story, Anna said: “So I wanted to come on here and show you something because I’ve been talking a lot about my skincare recently, and thankfully my skin has been in a really good place.”

“I have got a lot of messages from people asking how to achieve the perfect skin and I wanted to show you something.”

“My skin is far from perfect. So you can see a lovely hormonal breakout that has just taken place on my skin this week.”

As she zoomed in on her chin, Anna said: “Three lovely nasty big spots that have come.”

“Now they are healing and I suppose my skin is in a position now where it is able to fight breakouts a lot better and its much more tolerant.”

“But stress does manifest in my skin in the form of breakouts and in a time like this where a lot of people are stressed and uncertain I just wanted you to know that sometimes it can get the better of me as well.”

“It’s really important as well that I show my real self on here, and there it is,” Anna said.


“I just wanted you to know that it happens to everyone. And I guess I’m just showing it because, look when my skin isn’t great my confidence is lower.”

“I’m not feeling the best about myself and that’s completely normal. I suppose I just wanted to put it up for all the people that might not be feeling their best at the moment that it’s okay.”

“And I think the thing to focus on is that it will get better and it will heal and it will pass,” she added.

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